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The Student Chapter of the Wisconsin Society for Conservation Biology is associated with the University of Wisconsin- Madison. We are a branch of the statewide Wisconsin Society for Conservation Biology. Our chapter consists of many members as well as five leaders- each with a unique specialty. Our goal is to learn about current conservation issues and to inspire the community to care about conservation today. Our planet is fragile and we believe that by working together to promote conservation we can sustain Earth and its many species and ecosystems for generations to come. 

Be sure to check out our Events page to see if there is an event soon near you! Still interested? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

To Request Membership

Visit our WIN page below, log in with your NetID, and hit the button that requests  membership. If that is unavailable, email our president, Soumika, stating you'd like to get on our email list. 

Soumika's Email:


WSCB has many amazing projects throughout the year. Check them out here! ​


Getting involved with the community is one of our goals as a society. We engage the public with conservation events around Wisconsin. Interested in attending? See our Events page!


WSCB is committed to promoting conservation and informing others of sustainability and environmental news. See our newsfeed to get up to date on all things conservation!



University of Wisconsin-Madison

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